I made my first mosaic in the late summer of 2012, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Here is a timeline of my work, so that you can see how it has evolved over time…

My very first mosaic was a more traditional wall hanging with a mirror and geometric shapes.  My second mosaic, but my first nature themed piece, was an autumn tree inspired by the orange walls in our bathroom.  These were both created in Sept 2012.


Coaster Autumn Tree


An early mosaic, a sailboat requested by my sailor Dad



My first experience with a 3D mosaic, as well as glass-on-glass, created as a gift for my sister

Candle Votive


My first of many letter blocks, created for my friends’ newborn baby daughter



My first piece created as a member of the Seattle Mosaic Arts studio: a tray given to my mom for her birthday, featuring a windswept Georgian Bay tree

Windswept Pine_Tray


An example of more recent work: a garden stone inspired by a photo of daisies

Daisy Garden Stone edit