Kelowna Pears

This 8″x10″ glass mosaic is of a pear tree (one of my favourite fruits), overlooking the beautiful mountains and waters of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Kelowna Pears

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a minor obsession with fruit trees.  And I hope to have one of my own planted in our backyard someday (this year I had a mini Meyer lemon tree but the stupid squirrels stole all my tiny lemons!)

Here is a photo illustrating just how happy pear trees make me:


This trip to Kelowna took place last labour day, before we moved back to Canada (when we were still residents of Seattle).  Sitting on a bench one day, I realized that in the change of course my life had taken, I’d chosen a path that may very well lead to a lot less money than the one I was on before.  Which means probably not retiring early like so many of my peers dream of.  But what if I love what I am doing so much that I don’t want to stop when I’m 60 or 65?  What if the whole concept of retirement isn’t really necessary for me along my new path in life?  What if instead of sprinting so that I can sit down, I just jog the whole way.  Thoughts that were spinning around in my head back then, before I decided to become a professional mosaic artist, and that still resonate with me now, over a year later.

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