Sri Yantra

sri yantra

In her book “Tending the Heart Fire”, Shiva Rea defines a yantra as a sacred pattern of the Divine, and explains that the 64-point intersecting triangles of the Sri Yantra specifically represent the pattern of the human body and the cosmos intersecting at the heart of consciousness. It also mirrors the union of Shiva and Shakti.
The intersecting triangles represent a union of opposites: downward and upward, outward and inward, male and female, creation and dissolution. Yet even though the design can seem complex, as a whole, when pieced together, the Sri Yantra seems to me to be the essence of balance. Every piece is interconnected just as every individual soul is interconnected.
To me, the lotus petals that surround the Sri Yantra caress this sacred design, and represent the beauty that can come out of struggle and conflict, as the lotus flower blooms only after pushing through mud to the surface. The opposites throughout the Sri Yantra could be seen as conflicting, however together they are in perfect balance, leading to the beauty of the lotus.

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